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Corporate Profile

Registered name
Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment
November 17, 1947
Date of incorporation
May 31, 1951
100 million yen
Number of employees
322 (including fixed-term employees and part-time employees) As of October 31, 2022
Fiscal year-end
Oct. 31 of each fiscal year
Description of Businesses
Manufacture and sales of glycerin
Manufacture and sales of polyglycerol fatty acid esters
Manufacture and sales of raw materials for cosmetics
Manufacture and sales of flame retardants
Sales of organic and inorganic chemicals
Sales and coloring of synthetic resins
Manufacture and sales in foreign countries
Main financing bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank. Ltd.
Resona Bank, Ltd.
Board members
  • President and Representative Director Masahiro Sakamoto
  • Director Tatsuo Hibino (Corporate Officer)
  • Director Masayuki Nakajo (General Manager, Sales Division)
  • Director Shigeru Konishi (General Manager, International Division and President, Sakamoto Orient Chemicals Corporation)
  • Director Yoshihiro Mine (General Manager, Production Division)
  • Director Katsuhisa Higuchi (General Manager, Human Resources & General Affairs Division)
  • Corporate Auditor (full-time) Masayuki Hori


  • NovemberThe company was founded as Sakamoto Yoshio Shoten. Commenced sales of chemical products. Sales of chemical products started.
  • MayThe company was incorporated, and the company name was renamed as Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • AprilMorinomiya Factory was constructed. Manufacture of glycerin started.
  • AprilHigashi Osaka Factory was constructed. Color processing of synthetic resins started.
  • MayKyobashi Factory was constructed. The factory had been relocated from Morinomiya to expand glycerin production.
  • JuneDaito Factory was constructed. The factory was relocated from Higashi Osaka City, and a new building was constructed to enhance color processing capabilities of synthetic resins.
  • JulyThe company became one of the first in Japan to commercialize the production of synthetic glycerin.
  • OctoberThe factory was relocated from Kyobashi to the new Senboku Factory in Senboku seafront industrial district in Izumiotsu City to boost the production of glycerin and chemical products.
  • MayThe Tokyo Branch was established within Dai-Ichi Tekko Building in the Marunouchi District of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
  • OctoberAn R&D was established on a lot adjoining Senboku Factory.
  • FebruaryOperations at SAKAMOTO ORIENT CHEMICALS CORPORATION started with the aim of producing glycerin in the Philippines.
  • SeptemberAko Factory was constructed. A 44,298 m2 industrial site in Shimizu Industrial Park was acquired in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Phase 1 of construction was completed. In September 1994, Phase 2 of construction was completed.
  • AprilProduction of glycerin in the Philippines at SAKAMOTO ORIENT CHEMICALS CORPORATION started.
  • MayProduction of brominated epoxy-based flame retardants was started at SAKAMOTO ORIENT CHEMICALS CORPORATION in the Philippines.
  • JanuaryThe company acquired a 7,804 m2 site for an R&D in Ayumino, Izumi City, Osaka, consolidating research facilities into a new R&D.
  • FebruaryNew glycerin production facility started operations at Senboku Factory.