Environmental Protection

Environmental Guidelines

We make continuous efforts to protect the environment based on the fundamental recognition of our obligation to pass-on our environment to the next generation in a healthy state.

We are aware of our social responsibilities on reduction of environmental.

Load and pollution prevention and comply with the environmental laws and regulations.

All of our factories promote reduction of CO₂ emissions and energy conservation.

We promote resource saving, waste reduction and recycling, and purchasing of ecologically friendly products.

We obtained ISO 14001 certification (Senboku Factory and Ako Factory) and constructed an environmental management system.

Environmental Policies : Our Basic Policies for Environmental Protection

Environmental Policies

Establishment of Environmental Management System

Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo obtained ISO 14001 for the Environmental Management System at Senboku and Ako Factories.

  • Senboku Factory, February 2009 : JCQA-E-0857
  • Ako Factory, Aug 2008 : JCQA-E-0838

Trends in Total Energy Use and CO₂ Emissions

Over the past 5 years, total production at domestic plants has been on a slight uptrend, but we were able to decrease total energy consumption. In FY2021, we were able to reduce energy consumption by about 11% and CO2 emissions by about 25% compared to our base year (FY2015). Our plan is to reduce total CO2 emissions by 30% or more compared to the base year (FY2015) by FY2025.