Community and Society

Guidelines for Symbiosis with Local Communities and Society

We aim to be a company trusted by local communities.

We take a resolute response to anti-social forces and are working to prevent any types of discrimination.

We support disaster relief activities and healthcare activities in developing countries.

We are working together with local communities in events and activities, including clean-up in the vicinity of our sites.

Supporting activities for medical and educational purposes in developing countries

  • We provide donations to the Japan Committee for UNICEF Association, the Doctors Without Borders, and Japan Red Cross Society to support healthcare in developing countries. We have also donated as part of our natural disaster relief efforts to support victims of typhoons, earthquakes, and other disasters.
  • We established an educational foundation in Batangas Province, Philippines where our factory, Sakamoto Orient Chemicals Corporation, is located.

Community and Society

To become a company trusted by the local community, we cooperate in community activities and also clean up the vicinity of our factories.

Cooperating in community events

  • Cooperation in Tenjin Festival Promotion Sponsorship
  • Member of the Doshomachi Archive Association
  • Sponsorship of Ako Gishi Festival, Ako Citizens' Festival, and Takao Area Hometown Festival
  • Cooperation in Daito City Fire Prevention Association and Cooperation in Shinden Area Resident’s Association
  • Donations for Osaka Wasso Cultural Exchange Association
  • Sponsorship of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Chiyoda Branch)/“Fuuki Enju no Gi” (ceremony for prosperity, longevity, and peace)

Community clean-up activities

  • Joint clean-up activities in Senboku 4 Wards, Izumiotsu City (Senboku Factory)
  • Clean-up of Shimizu industrial park (Ako Factory)
  • Clean-up activities organized by the Izumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Laboratory)
  • Environmental Patrol by Ote/Marunouchi Residents’ Association (Tokyo Branch)
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Head Office)