About Us


About Us

Creating the future with glycerin

Based on our core business, the manufacture and sale of glycerin, we contribute to our customers’ product development and business creation by leveraging our unique sales, R&D, and production capabilities. We will create the future for the society together.

Responding to all types of needs with diversified know-how

We have accumulated know-how to solve issues in diversified areas, including food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients, industrial materials, chemicals, and synthetic resins, in the fields of sales, R&D, and manufacturing.

We meet the needs of various industries by selling of our own products, glycerin and its derivatives, and utilizing our trading company functions since our foundation.
We promote product development and technological support by exploiting the advantages of glycerin and its derivatives at our laboratories in a wide variety of fields.
In addition to the three production bases in Japan, we have bases in the Philippines, thereby achieving high-quality and stable supply under thorough quality control. We also acquired a wide range of certifications.

Developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products and promoting sales activities to create a sustainable social environment

We promote the development of environmentally friendly products focused on environmentally friendly and human-friendly product development, including the production and sales of plant-derived glycerin.

Plant-derived Glycerin / Glycerin Derivatives

The glycerin and glycerin derivatives we manufacture and sell are all made from highly safe plant-derived raw materials.


RSPO certification

In favor of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we joined RSPO.
We acquired supplier certification in 2017.



We perform raw material procurement considering sustainability, support pharmaceutical manufacturing through the supply of safe plant-derived glycerin, and provide educational support for developing countries.