Safety and Health / Human Rights

Health and Safety and Human Rights Guidelines

We respect social norms and human rights and promote the creation of safe and comfortable workplaces.

We comply with laws and regulations that protect society and employees, such as the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

We continue to improve the work environment by ensuring our compliance to regulatory requirements on safe handling of chemical substances.

We respect the human rights of our employees and create a vibrant workplace that develops strengths of each individual.

We have a Policy on Respect for Human Rights as follows

Policy on Respect for Human Rights

Safe handling of chemical substances and occupational safety and health

We manage the storage and handling of hazardous materials and harmful substances in compliance with laws and regulations, such as the installation of necessary facilities and the establishment of handling standards. In addition, to ensure safety and health, we conduct regular inspections and improvements as occupational health and safety activities at each workplace. Fire and emergency drills are regularly carried out at each site; emergency and evacuation drills are carried out in collaboration with the surrounding communities.

Safety and Health Policy

Emergency prevention drills at each site

Awards and evaluations from external organizations regarding safety and health

Head Office : “Traffic Safety Merit Award”
Awarded by the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters in recognition of appropriate safe driving management and traffic safety activities.

Ako Factory was awarded the Safety and Health Advancement Award (2016 Health and Safety Conference, Aioi Labor Standards Association) that is awarded to workplaces focused on occupational safety and health.

Workplace where people can work comfortably and women can play an active role

We have introduced a next-generation development system and women’s leadership promotion system to enable employees, regardless of sex, to engage in their work with confidence and to be active.

Improving the quality of educational systems and employee benefits

For the educational system, we conduct correspondence training for all employees and overseas training for new employees to develop human resources. We also focus on the well-being of our employees and provide support for various workplace events, friendship gatherings, and club activities. Furthermore, to maintain the mental and physical health of our employees, we provide measures such as external EAP (Contractor: T-Pec Corporation), an employees’ support program, as well as medical checkup.