Functional Glycerin Derivatives Sales Department


Polyglycerol-based acrylates are multifunctional monomers that feature fast curing and anti-curl property.
SA-TE6 has a good balanced hardness and flexibility with a 30% biomass level.
SA-TE60 has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties and can impart anti-fogging properties to plastic surfaces.

Anti-fogging Effect of Polyglycerol-based Acrylates

By applying SA-TE60 to resin surfaces, hydrophilicity of the surfaces is enhanced and improvement of antifogging property is expected.

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Product NamePhysical FormFunctionApplication
SA-TE6LiquidFast curing and anti-curlFlexible coating
SA-TE60LiquidFast curing, anti-curl, and, antifoggingAntifogging coating