Functional Glycerin Derivatives Sales Department


Three types of polyglycerol-based dispersants are available: nonionic, anionic, and reactive types.
The nonionic type consists of polyglycerol as the hydrophilic group and alkyl chains of the lipophilic group, whereas the anionic type has a carboxyl group at the structural terminus.
By interacting with the surface of inorganic particles such as metal oxides, the anionic type can finely disperse nanoparticles in water and organic solvents.

Dispersibility for ITO

By adding a dispersant, it enables to disperse to a range close to the primary particle size.

Dispersibility for ZrO2

By adding a dispersant, coarse particles are reduced; thus, improvement in the transparency of the dispersion is expected.

Related Products

Product NameTypePhysical FormFunction
MCA-750NonionicLiquidDispersing of metal oxides in water
DIS-S1 (Product in development) AnionicLiquidDispersing of metal oxides in organic solvent
SA-TE60ReactiveLiquidDispersing of silica