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Emulsification and oil solubilization

When a small amount of polyglycerol fatty acid ester is added, it emulsifies hydrocarbon oils like paraffin, mineral oil, and heavy oil, and imparts high emulsifying capacity and excellent emulsification stability.

A state in which water is transparently dissolved in an oil phase is called “oil solubilization”.

While this state is thermodynamically unstable likeemulsions,a sufficiently smaller emulsified particle size than visible light results in an oil-solubilized state with a transparent to translucent appearance.

The solution prepared by oil solubilization is superior to emulsions in terms of transparency and stability over time and is used in a variety of industrial fields such as ink and paint.

Appearance of emulsions

By adding an emulsifier, emulsion with high stability is prepared.

Appearance of oil solubilized solution

By adding an oil solubilizer, it enables to dissolve water in hydrocarbon oil transparently.

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