Food Additives Sales Department

Crystallization control of fats and oils (promotion/inhibition)

Foods containing fats and oils significantly vary in quality depending on the condition of the fat crystals.
SY-Glyster, which promotes the crystallization of fats and oils, enables the crystals to precipitate quickly and finely.
Meanwhile, SY-Glyster, which inhibits crystallization, enables the crystals to precipitate slowly and prevents the crystal growth.

Promoting crystallization

(Main applications: Chocolate, margarine, etc.)

Enhanced solidification rate of chocolate

THL-55 speeds up the solidification rate by making the fat crystals finer by promoting formation of crystal nucleation.
When added to coating chocolate, time for solidification is reduced and dripping is prevented.
e.g., THL-55, DDB-750, etc.

Control of crystallization

(Main applications: Edible oil, frozen food, etc.)

Controlling crystallization of fats and oils

When oil is stored at low temperatures, crystals may precipitate even in oil that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.
Liquid oil mixed with THL-15 can control the precipitation of crystals even at low temperatures and maintain a transparent appearance.

Control of demulsification by freezing and/or thawing

THL-17 has the effect of controlling crystallization of fats and oils. Therefore, it prevents crystal growth caused by freezing of emulsified products and maintains a stable emulsion even after freezing and/or thawing.
e.g., THL-15, THL-17 etc.