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Emulsifying capacity (O/W, W/O)

Emulsification is classified into the O/W (oil in water) type in which oil droplets are dispersed in water and the W/O (water in oil) type in which water droplets are dispersed in oil.

Generally, high-HLB emulsifiers are used for O/W emulsification and low-HLB emulsifiers are used for W/O emulsification.

O/W emulsification

(Main applications: Dressing, cream, etc.)

O/W emulsification with MS-5S

MS-5S has a high O/W emulsifying capacity and enables easy emulsification.

Salt-resistance enhancement with MSW-7S

By adding MSW-7S in O/W emulsified dressing with 5% salt concentration, the mixture does not separate even after heating at 80°C for 4 hours.
SY-Glyster maintains excellent emulsifying capacity even under acid, salt, and heating conditions.
e.g., MSW-7S, MO-7S, MS-3S, etc.

W/O emulsification

(main applications: margarine, fat spread, etc.)

Separation control of fat spreads with a high water content

Fat spreads (W/O ratio = 5:5) with a high water content cannot be sufficiently emulsified, and when stretched by applying force, water is separated. However, by adding CR-350H, which has a high W/O emulsifying capacity, highly stable emulsification is prepared and prevent water separation.
e.g., CR-350H, CRS-75, OE-750, etc.