Cosmetic Materials Sales Department

PEG-free W/O emulsifier

Emulsion particles in various oils

It can be finely emulsified regardless of the polarity of the oils.

Comparison with Silicone-Based Surfactants —Emulsion Particles—

Finer emulsion particles are prepared compared with silicone-based surfactants.

Comparison with Silicone-Based Surfactants —Feel After Use—

It produces a cream that spreads and blends well without film residue feeling.

Product Information

Product NameJapanese INCI Labeling NameINCI NAMEChinese INCI NameJSQIHLB
IS-201PPolyglyceryl-2 isostearatePOLYGLYCERYL-2 ISOSTEARATE4.7
CRS-75Polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleatePOLYGLYCERYL-6 POLYRICINOLEATE3.3