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Pursuing necessary technologies with our attention always focused on the market

The company’s research and development laboratory operates under a policy of fusing production, marketing and technology, and works closely with our sales departments, manufacturing plants and development departments. The laboratory devotes itself to providing technical support for existing products and creating new materials.

The laboratory is always working to augment its technological capabilities as it takes on challenges in new fields.

Functional Glycerin Derivatives Group

Utilizing the characteristics of glycerin, polyglycerins and their derivatives, the Functional Glycerin Derivatives Group develops functional additives and new applications for industrial fields such as plastics, electronic components and agrochemicals.

Cosmetic Materials Group

The Cosmetic Materials Group develops cosmetics materials by utilizing the characteristics of glycerin derivatives and pursues their potential as new materials.

Food Additive Group

The Food Additive Group develops new applications of polyglycerol fatty acid esters in the food industry, as well as products that meet the needs for globally diversifying food processing technologies.

Specialty Chemicals Group

The Specialty Chemicals Group engages in research and development in pursuit of the functionality of epoxy derivatives such as specialty epoxy resins and brominated epoxy flame retardants. The group also develops new applications and materials in new fields.

Materials Development Group

The Materials Development Group dedicates itself to advancing our fundamental technologies, for example, by fully clarifying the functionalities of products such as glycerin derivatives. The group aims to develop highly functional products by leveraging its accumulated expertise.

Process Development Group

The Process Development Group develops highly functional products by developing new processes that cannot be obtained using conventional processes. The group covers products such as glycerin, its derivatives and specialty epoxy resins.

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