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SY-DP Series

The SY-DP series is a line of ether polyols obtained by the addition of the polymerization of propylene oxide to diglycerin. The SY-DP series has lipophilic properties and an oily feel, owing to the addition of propylene oxide, but it also has moisture-retention and hydrophilic properties derived from diglycerin. The SY-DP series can be used in various types of cosmetics as a moisturizer that does not cause stickiness.

Structural Formula

Characteristics and Applications

Skin-care cosmetics
(lotions, creams, etc.)

Moisture retention action

The SY-DP series spreads smoothly on the skin with a light feel and provides moisture retention. When formulated together with glycerin, the SY-DP series does not reduce the moisture-retention power of glycerin but reduces stickiness and improves spreading smoothness.

Hair-care cosmetics
(hair styling products, etc.)

Moisture retention action, leaves hair shiny etc.

The SY-DP series leaves hair feeling soft for a long period of time. It provides an oily feel and sheen to hair and prevents hair-setting polymer from flaking.

Body and facial cleanser,
make-up remover
The SY-DP series improves the foaming and cleansing power of body and facial cleansers. The SY-DP series can be formulated in a water-based make-up remover, as it blends easily with make-up ingredients, to greatly improve removability. The SY-DP series also leaves skin fresh and well moisturized after cleansing.
Other applications The SY-DP series is an amphiphilic compound, so it can be used as a solubilizer or solvent of oil ingredients. Also, SY-DP series products are non-volatile.

Product List

Grades SY-DP9 SY-DP14
Number of PO moles 9 14
Viscosity (cps, 25°C) 550-750 400-600

* SY-DP14T contains d-δ-tocopherol 0.02% to reduce the odor.

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