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SC-P Series

The SC-P series of polyoxypropylene polyglyceryl ethers is produced by the additional polymerization of propylene oxide and highly refined polyglycerol. Adding propylene oxide to hydrophilic polyglycerin results in lipophilicity, as well. Various properties ranging from hydrophilicity to lipophilicity can be obtained depending on the number of moles of the propylene oxide.


Primary Applications

Solvents, humectants, lubricants, plasticizers, various manufacturing raw materials

Applicable Laws and Regulations

CAS No. 137398-45-9, 61710-63-2

Product Specifications

Product name Chemical name Average molecular weight Physical form Packing Type (kg)
SC-P750 POP(9) polyglyceryl ether 750 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M
SC-P1000 POP(14) polyglyceryl ether 1000 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M
SC-P1600* POP(24) polyglyceryl ether 1600 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M

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