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SC-E Series

The SC-E series of polyoxyethylene polyglyceryl ethers is produced by adding polymerization of ethylene oxide and highly refined polyglycerol. By adding ethylene oxide, the SC-E series provides for a variety of molecular weights by further polymerizing the polyglycerol.


Primary Applications

Solvents, humectants, lubricants, plasticizers, various manufacturing raw materials

Applicable Laws and Regulations

CAS No. 88651-88-1, 69591-36-2

Product Specifications

Product name Chemical name Average molecular weight Physical form Packing Type (kg)
SC-E750 POE(13) polyglyceryl ether 750 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M
SC-E1000* POE(20) polyglyceryl ether 1000 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M
SC-E1500* POE(30) polyglyceryl ether 1500 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M
SC-E2000* POE(40) polyglyceryl ether 2000 Clear liquid 18C/N · 200D/M

*Made to order

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