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Flame Retardants

Product Characteristics

  • Highly compatible with a variety of polymers, non-bleeding
  • Minimal heat yellowing or deterioration of appearance during processing
  • Highly light resistant, appropriate for applications such as office equipment housings
  • Although brominated, generation of harmful substances such as dioxins minimal
  • Good color and highly stable quality
  • Available in three product grades to minimize any undesirable effect on polymer physical properties
  • Includes a high-molecular-weight product that maintains the essential heat resistance of resins

Molecular Structure

Flame Retardants

Product Name Brominated Bisphenol
A Type Epoxy Resin
Appearance Bromine
SR-BSP Monomeric product White powder 48 50 700
SR-T1000 Oligomeric product Faintly yellow powder 51 130 2,000
SR-T2000 Oligomeric product Light yellow powder 52 160 4,000
SR-T3040 Endcapped product Light yellow powder 54 170 6,000
SR-T7040 Endcapped product Light yellow granules 53 200 14,000
SR-T5000 High-molecular-weight product Light yellow granules 52 190 10,000
SR-T9000 High-molecular-weight product Light yellow granules 52 200≤ 15,000
SR-T20000 High-molecular-weight product Light yellow granules 52 200≤ 30,000

Note: The above values are subject to change due to factors such as product improvements.

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