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Specialty Epoxy Resins

About Specialty Epoxy Resins

The molecules of Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo's specialty resins contain an active epoxy group that causes them to react readily with compounds containing activated hydrogen. Our resins are widely used as modifiers and cross-linking agents for fibers and resins.

Product Characteristics

  1. Low viscosity suits these resins for use as reactive diluents for bisphenol A type epoxy resins.
  2. Confer flexibility, adhesion, and weather resistance to epoxy resins.
  3. Water-soluble epoxy is suited for use as a curing agent for water-based emulsion paints and adhesives.
  4. React with thermosetting resins to improve impact resistance.
  5. Improve adhesion and impact resistance when used as modifiers of polyester resins and other thermoplastic resins.
  6. Used as stabilizers of vinyl chloride resins.
  7. Confer durability and crease resistance for cotton, synthetic fibers and blended fabrics.

Reactivity of epoxides

Reactivity of epoxides

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