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Synthetic Resin Section

Gathering information meticulously to inform everything from product supply to technical support

The trading department of the synthetic resins section offers a comprehensive range of products from resin manufacturers. It also provides technical data, such as information about the characteristics and molding properties of various resins. These efforts are part of a comprehensive technical support service aimed at enhancing our customers' productivity and product quality.

An important characteristic of the trading department is that its activities extend beyond the supply of resins to include coloring and compounding, a value-added service made possible through close cooperation with the production department.

Characteristics Weather resistance, Transparency, Flame retardance, Impact strength, Heat resistance
Applications Optical products, Lighting fixtures, Home appliances, Automobile parts, Computer and office equipment, Household products
Products Various resins and resin fabricating devices, coloring and compounding of methacrylic resins and styrene resins and more.

Providing industry-leading coloring technology focused on acrylic resins

The production department of the synthetic resin section engages in color processing, focused on acrylic resins. Coloring and compounding technology second to none in the industry adds value to resins by adjusting optical transmissivity and altering the texture of materials without sacrificing the resin's characteristics.

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