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Specialty Chemicals Section

Conducting activities spanning test production to mass production at large-scale multi-purpose manufacturing plants

Grounded in broad-based expertise in organic synthesis, the specialty chemicals section concentrates on the research and development of specialty epoxy resins and epoxy derivatives, creating numerous new products.

Characteristics Plasticity, Flame retardance, Impact strength, Crack resistance, Adhesion
Applications Electronics components, Haircare products, Paving materials, Adhesives, Paints, IC substrates
Products Specialty epoxy resins Various glycidyl ethers, glycidyl esters, brominated epoxy flame retardants (SR-T series), and more.

Offering everything from lifestyle-related products to electronics materials

Glycidyl ethers, a type of specialty epoxy resin, are employed as reformers and modifiers for various resins used as raw materials in electric casting materials, adhesives, paints and paving materials. The SR-T series is mainly used as a PBT resin flame retardant, enhancing the safety of electronic components and devices.

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