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Glycerin Section

  • Glycerin (refined, food additives, Japan pharmaceutical codes, cosmetics)
  • Various special product grades and more.

Food Additives Section

Cosmetic Materials Section

Functional Glycerin Derivatives Section

Specialty Chemicals Section

Synthetic Resin Section

  • Various resins and resin fabricating devices
  • Coloring and compounding of methacrylic resins and styrene resins and more.

Chemicals Section

  • Organic chemicals: various solvents, fats and oils, surfactants, organic intermediates and more
  • Inorganic chemicals: ammonia, nitric acid-related products, sulfuric acid- and sulfurous acid-related products, soda- and chlorine-related products, phosphorous- and phosphoric acid-related products and more

International Section

  • Various chemicals and in-house product imports and exports

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