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Functional Glycerin Derivatives Section

Developing new raw materials and applications aimed at a broader range of uses

The functional glycerin derivatives section specializes in industrial fields. This section provides Di-Polyglycerol, a highly safe raw material, and Di-Polyglycerol fatty acid esters, which are used as derivatives and activators. Di-Polyglycerol is widely used as a raw material in derivatives such as solvents and humectants, as well as plasticizers for water-soluble high polymers, urethanes and fatty esters. Moreover, polymerizations of ethylene oxide or propylene oxide with diglycerin are used for solvents, wetting agents and humectants. Di-Polyglycerol fatty acid esters are widely used as emulsifying agents and functional materials.

We are working enthusiastically to employ these products as new raw materials. In addition, the section conducts joint development and strives to develop new uses that will add commercial value for customers.

Characteristics Humidity, Thermal stability, Plasticity, Dispersibility, Lubricity
Applications Resin additives, Activator raw materials, Inks, Paints, Polyurethane, Electronics materials
Products Diglycerin, diglycerin derivatives (SC-P series, SC-E series and diglycerin fatty acid esters), polyglycerol (#310, #500, #750), polyglycerol fatty acid esters (various types of SY-Glyster), and more.

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