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Food Additives Section

Applying home-grown product development skills to expand the potential of new food additives

The company's food additives section develops, manufactures and markets high-quality food additives, primarily polyglycerol and fatty acid esters. Not only do we ensure quality control through stable supply and end-to-end production from glycerin, we also provide powerful support for our customers' product development from the early planning stages.

This is particularly true of emulsification: we possess a great variety of specialized emulsification techniques and formulations that allow us to provide optimal products and technologies tailored to our customers' product designs and production circumstances. We continue to pursue the potential of new processed foods based on our commitment to good taste and quality enhancement.

Characteristics Heat resistance, Dispersibility, Halotolerance, Acid resistance
Applications Dairy products, Seasonings, Chocolate, Emulsified flavorings, Beverages, Margarine, Processed fats and oils, Coffee creamer
Products Polyglycerol (#310, #500, #750), polyglycerol fatty acid esters (various types of SY-Glyster), lecithin, natural gums and more.

SY-Glyster supporting the development of myriad products

Since their approval for use as food additives in 1981, polyglycerol fatty acid esters have been used in various applications in the food products industry the world over.

A polyglycerol fatty-acid ester independently developed by Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo, SY-Glyster is used in products such as whipped cream, coffee creamer, margarine, shortening, chocolate, lactic beverages, and functional fats and oils, and has been extremely well received by customers. Moreover, we anticipate the development of applications for this product as a highly stable surfactant for use in numerous fields outside the food products sector.

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