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Cosmetic Materials Section

Providing cosmetics materials that enhance the value of customers' products

The cosmetic materials section supplies diglycerin, diglycerin derivatives and polyglycerol fatty acid esters for cosmetics products. Diglycerin and its derivatives enhance the moisturizing properties of cosmetics and toiletries and are used to modify the lathering properties of these products, polyglycerol fatty acid esters are also used as emulsifiers in cosmetics.

In our cosmetic materials section, we enthusiastically engage in joint development, as well as new materials and new applications development aimed at enhancing the value of customers' products. We also offer raw materials from other companies, providing total support for customers' product development efforts.

Characteristics Moisture retention, Dispersibility, Ampipathicity, Heat stability, Absorption
Applications Skin lotion, Skin milk, Moisturizing cream, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling products, Cleansing cream, Makeup
Products Diglycerin, diglycerin derivatives (SY-DP series), polyglycerol fatty acid esters for cosmetics (S Face series), plant-based antimicrobial preparations, various cosmetics materials and more.

Maintaining a meticulous user support system

Success in the cosmetic industry hinges on product development that at all times anticipates coming trends and fashions. Our cosmetic section not only offers raw materials, it also provides technical data. In addition, we propose cosmetic formulations in order to realize the properties of our products, and assist customers' product development activities.

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