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Chemicals Section

Making use of trading company functions to respond to all customer needs

To respond to customer needs, the chemicals section offers a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic chemicals. Capitalizing on a successful track record going back to the earliest days of the company, through unrivalled information provision capability and services this section provides powerful support to customers through activities such as the early introduction of new products from Japanese and overseas manufacturers. What's more, because of our position as a manufacturer of glycerin and other raw materials, the section can simultaneously provide advanced technical product information informed with abundant specialized knowledge.


Organic chemicals:
various solvents, fats and oils, surfactants, organic intermediates, organic synthetic intermediates, organic synthetic raw materials and more.

Inorganic chemicals:
ammonia, nitric acid-related products, sulfuric acid- and sulfurous acid-related products, soda- and chlorine-related products, phosphorous- and phosphoric acid-related products, lime, silicone and more.

Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo's origins

Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo was founded in 1947 as a chemical products trading company. Since that time, the company has firmly adhered to the principle of supplying customers with products only after confirming their quality, and we have earned a reputation for being a top-quality supplier. As the company's point of departure in business, the chemicals section is devoted to continuing its long tradition of breaking ground with new knowledge and technologies.

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